Glow Increases ROI for Facebook Advertisers.

Our proprietary social ads platform, the Glow Machine, helps sophisticated performance advertisers better build, manage, and optimize their Facebook advertising campaigns at scale.

icon_creationAd Creation

Deploy campaigns instantly based on a simple drag and drop builder. Create multiple ad formats simultaneously and structure multivariate ad testing.


Maximize engagement with users in the News Feed, compare organic & paid distribution, and identify and reward the most engaged users.


Glow offers fully or semi-automated optimization and delivers campaigns to any tracked goal. Easily test & refine segments & creative. Remove the heavy lifting with customised bid rules.


Ultimate insight flexibility: view data at a granular or summary level, in tabular or dashboard format, or export automatically using the Glow API.



Glow is a Facebook “Strategic” Preferred Marketing Developer

Out of hundreds of Facebook marketing developers, Glow is pleased to receive Facebook’s accreditation as one of fourteen Strategic Preferred Marketing Developers (sPMD). The sPMD status enables¬†improved access to Facebook products and participation in pre-beta trials for new features.


A Few of Our Clients

Glow specializes in the following vertical markets and industries. We have served multiple brand leaders in each category and can help you drive performance in your space.


Social Games, Casino/Bingo, Mobile Games, Sports

Retail / Services

Retailers, Brands, eCommerce Sites, Dating

Financial Services

Retail Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Wealth Management


Airlines, Travel Sites, Hotels, Cruise Ships


Car Manufacturers, Dealer Networkss

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