Facebook Breaking Changes Update

As part of Facebook’s continued innovation, there have been a number of behind the scenes changes recently as well as one fairly major update to bidding. Here at Glow our development team have been working hard to implement these. You may have seen a number of these changes within the native Facebook interface for some time now, in which case you might already be up to speed with them. The most visible and talked about change is an update to how you bid. For those who have not been exposed to this new way of bidding, we go in to it a little deeper below.


Flexible Campaign Structure Strategy

At Glow we don’t believe in a one size fits all structure for your campaigns. We understand that running a full and comprehensive test is crucial to success and that sometimes you need the flexibility to experiment and try new things. That’s why we don’t lock you in to any predefined campaign structures. We also don’t believe in layering algorithms on top of what Facebook already provide. We know that more often than not this can have an adverse effect on performance, and with Facebook keeping a firm lid on the inner workings of their ‘black box’ optimisation algorithms, fully understanding this is impossible and therefore layering something on top can be dangerous.


Just how relevant is Facebook’s Relevance Score?

In another effort to enhance the ads that users see in their News Feeds, this year Facebook rolled out a new metric to advertisers; the Relevance Score.


Glow Feature: Saved Audiences and Interest Groups

We all know time is precious, which is why Glow Machine has been built to save you time and maximise efficiency when running your paid social campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest. It’s all about working smarter, not harder – right? That’s why our technology enables you to build and save audience and interest clusters for repeat use.


Facebook : The changing face of CPC

Cost per click – or CPC – is a media buying staple. The problem with the way it has always worked for Facebook buys is that a ‘click’ is not necessarily a click to your site or app store page. Bidding CPC on Facebook means you’ll be paying for each of the numerous click based actions a user can take on your ad; liking, commenting and sharing.


Lookalike Custom Audiences : Outside the box

Facebook lookalike custom audiences are one of the most powerful targeting methods you can employ. There are many ways to slice up your user base but more often than not a custom audience strategy doesn’t deviate too far from just generating a lookalike of your entire CRM database.

Below we’ll take a look at some great ‘outside the box‘ audience segments that the team here at Glow have had success with to give you some inspiration to experiment on your own.


An Historic Milestone

With the launch of Glow’s first paid Instagram campaign this week and Pinterest last week, we are now officially running activity across the 4 major social channels – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram!


Facebook Ads : How Much Should I Spend?

At the end of the day, the amount you spend on your Facebook advertising campaigns is up to you, however we’d like to explain a little around what you should consider at the planning stage.
Before we start, it’s good to understand exactly where the budget sits within a Facebook campaign. The campaign structure goes:


Considerations When Automating Facebook and Twitter Advertising Optimisation for your Mobile App

In 2015 consumers worldwide are forecast to spend $35bn on mobile apps, demonstrating rapid growth from $4bn in 2009. This growth has driven demand from app developers for new channels to drive revenue. Whilst App Store Optimisation (ASO) and organic installs can help, social advertising has become a primary channel to drive mobile app revenue due to its mobile-first nature. IAB UK research highlighted that whilst mobile accounts for 22% of total digital advertising spend, mobile search advertising accounts for just 22% of total search spend and mobile display advertising accounts for only 34% of total display investment. Meanwhile, mobile social advertising accounts for over half of all social advertising spend, and of the social advertising impressions we see served through our Glow platform nearly two thirds are served on mobile devices.


The Three Steps to Building an Effective Facebook Video Retargeting Strategy

Retargeting in general is a powerful ad tactic, however, Facebook video retargeting takes the power of retargeting to a new level. It enables you to build a Custom Audience of people who have watched your video, but also to segment them based on engagement levels. That’s why Glow has recently launched a whole wave of new features to assist with video retargeting.
Whether you’re looking to drive conversions with a known or prospective audience, or simply “purchase” an audience for analysis or retargeting, the below three steps are a good place to start when building out the basic foundations of a video retargeting strategy to enable more advanced optimisation at a later stage.