How Facebook Can Help You Market to a ‘Dead’ List

This article is based on a recent LinkedIn post by Ray Mendis. We thought the concept was great and we had some ideas about how it could be expanded upon.


Lead Generation Ads

In today’s world, people are spending more time on their mobile devices than ever before. With this in mind, Facebook launched Lead Generation Ads to provide users with a simple way to fill out forms on their mobile devices. The sign up process is simplified through automatically populating information that users have given Facebook, such as their email address and gender.


Kobojo x Glow – Facebook Advertising

Kobojo develops and publishes engaging, multi platform online Role Playing Games (RPG) for mid-core audiences. They have been licensing Glow’s tool to build, manage and optimise their paid Facebook activity since 2013.


Social Video Retargeting

It’s common knowledge that video is here to stay, and with the increase in mobile data speeds you don’t have to limit your video retargeting efforts to desktop. While the rest of the advertising industry are only just scratching the surface of what video can offer, Facebook moves ever further ahead with their advanced video offerings and cross-device user recognition. Let’s say John engages with your video on his mobile phone, you can later get a sequential message to him on pretty much any other device he uses to access Facebook.


Facebook Unified Pixel – What, How, Why?

No doubt you’ve already heard about the relatively new Facebook unified pixel, but do you fully understand how it works and more importantly what you need to do to implement it or upgrade to it? We give you an overview and guide you through the setup process in this weeks article.


Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Facebook’s dynamic product ads (DPA) allow advertisers to automatically promote relevant products from their entire catalog to consumers across any device. This enables you to capture additional revenue through the power of re-targeting.

Through innovations such as Website Custom Audiences (WCA) and DPA – the potential of Facebook’s re-targeting offering has continued to go from strength to strength.

There are many advantages of including DPA in your campaign strategy. We dig into these and look at the concept in more detail below.

Facebook Breaking Changes Update

As part of Facebook’s continued innovation, there have been a number of behind the scenes changes recently as well as one fairly major update to bidding. Here at Glow our development team have been working hard to implement these. You may have seen a number of these changes within the native Facebook interface for some time now, in which case you might already be up to speed with them. The most visible and talked about change is an update to how you bid. For those who have not been exposed to this new way of bidding, we go in to it a little deeper below.


Flexible Campaign Structure Strategy

At Glow we don’t believe in a one size fits all structure for your campaigns. We understand that running a full and comprehensive test is crucial to success and that sometimes you need the flexibility to experiment and try new things. That’s why we don’t lock you in to any predefined campaign structures. We also don’t believe in layering algorithms on top of what Facebook already provide. We know that more often than not this can have an adverse effect on performance, and with Facebook keeping a firm lid on the inner workings of their ‘black box’ optimisation algorithms, fully understanding this is impossible and therefore layering something on top can be dangerous.


Just how relevant is Facebook’s Relevance Score?

In another effort to enhance the ads that users see in their News Feeds, this year Facebook rolled out a new metric to advertisers; the Relevance Score.


Glow Feature: Saved Audiences and Interest Groups

We all know time is precious, which is why Glow Machine has been built to save you time and maximise efficiency when running your paid social campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest. It’s all about working smarter, not harder – right? That’s why our technology enables you to build and save audience and interest clusters for repeat use.