The Three Steps to Building an Effective Video Retargeting Strategy on Facebook

Retargeting in general is a powerful ad tactic, however, Facebook video retargeting takes the power of retargeting to a new level. It enables you to build a Custom Audience of people who have watched your video, but also to segment them based on engagement levels. That’s why Glow has recently launched a whole wave of new features to assist with video retargeting.
Whether you’re looking to drive conversions with a known or prospective audience, or simply “purchase” an audience for analysis or retargeting, the below three steps are a good place to start when building out the basic foundations of a video retargeting strategy to enable more advanced optimisation at a later stage.

Announcing Facebook Advertising Platform Upgrades and the Glow Machine UI 1.5

There have been two major updates in the Glow Machine, which will save you time and make your life easier. Here’s all the key information you need.

Facebook Advertising Platform Upgrades

With Facebook advertising increasing in maturity, complexity and sophistication Facebook introduced an updated campaign structure mid 2014. Campaign at the top-level, Ad Sets at the second level and Ad creatives at the third level. Whilst we’ve been supporting this campaign structure since it launched within the Glow Machine, we’ve also developed an improved workflow to support this structure and are now making this available to all platform users. There will be additional functionality launched in Q2 in our upcoming Optimisation feature release, which you can read more about below.

Four Grand National Tips: How to drive Sports Betting app installs from Facebook and Twitter ads

Dual-screening around major TV events is on the rise as consumers increasingly use Facebook and Twitter on mobile devices whilst watching TV. This is having a negative impact on the effectiveness of TV advertising, and many advertisers are extending the reach of their TV advertising campaigns by complementing it with advertising on Facebook and Twitter. This means that during a major TV gambling event like the Grand National, there is a huge opportunity to drive sports betting app installs through advertising on Facebook and Twitter. However, there is also higher competition and the potential to attract one-time betters who don’t provide long-term value. With this in mind, we’ve put together five tips to ensure you maximise the mobile app installs you drive around the Grand National on Facebook and Twitter.

Four Use Cases for Twitter Advertising in your Sales and Marketing Funnel

As with many new advertising formats, advertisers ask themselves the question of where does this fit into my marketing strategy and at what stage of the funnel should I be using it? Twitter’s ad platform is still a young advertising platform, and as a result many advertisers are still trying to establish where to slot it into their strategy. The good news is, many advertisers are seeing success with Twitter advertising throughout the funnel, as was evidenced by 97% advertising revenue growth for Twitter year-over-year in Q4 2014. We thought we’d share some thoughts on use cases where we’ve seen Twitter advertising working for our clients: