The Glow Machine is a cross-device social ad management platform which enables advertisers to build, manage and optimise advertising campaigns across social media channels. As a Facebook strategic partner since 2012 and one of only a handful of companies to be an early development partner for both Facebook and Twitter the platform is used by leading global brands including King, Spotify, Arcadia Group and Expedia to efficiently acquire, retain and monetise customers through social advertising.


Quickly create & deploy campaigns across social publishers to save time and hyper-target the right message to the right audience.


Automate testing to identify the best performing audiences and creative, then algorithmically bid to optimise ROI.


Quickly identify campaign fluctuations and make changes at scale across social channels to save time and improve ROI.


View data at a granular or summary level, in tabular or dashboard format, or export automatically using the Glow API.

Why Glow?


Facebook has set the pace in the social advertising world, but more recently publishers such as Twitter and Pinterest are rapidly evolving their advertising offerings. As social advertising moves across publishers, it becomes even more difficult as a campaign manager because you have to work manually with multiple advertising interfaces across publishers. Glow is committed to providing a cross-social platform, which enables to efficiently build campaigns across social publishers through one platform, saving you significant time with campaign creation at scale.


Social advertising is the first truly cross-device digital advertising platform with nearly two-thirds of all social advertising impressions in the Glow Machine being served through mobile devices. We have integrations with all the major Mobile Measurement Platforms (MMPs) and extensive experience supporting social advertising strategies for mobile leaders such as King and Spotify, as well as more traditional brands focused on desktop conversions. As a result, we are ideally placed to help advertisers acquire, retain and monetise customers in a social advertising world which is the first truly cross-device digital advertising channel.

Open Platform

The best way to innovate using the rich demographic, likes and interest data from social networks is to layer it with your own first and third-party data. This way you can target your social advertising creative to the right audience segment dependent on where they are at in your customer journey and what their long-term value would be. Through our open platform approach we can seamlessly integrate your first and third-party data into social advertising optimisation, which means you can better target social users based on the data that matters to your business without rebuilding your technology architecture.

Global Scale

With a head office in London and offices in New York, Singapore and Hamburg, as well as office openings scheduled for 2015 in Hong Kong, Paris and San Francisco we have quickly scaled our client support structure around the world. We have social advertising experts supporting clients in 11 languages with “follow-the-sun” support to enable our clients for global success. This global focus with local expertise and presence is why we’re best placed to support your global social advertising success.

Strength of Publisher Partnerships

As a Facebook strategic partner since 2012 and one of only a handful of companies to be an early marketing development partner for both Facebook and Twitter we are in pole position to offer a truly cross-social ad management platform. This strength of partnership also means we have access to beta and test features across social platforms, which enables Glow Digital Media to be at the forefront of social advertising innovations. As a social advertising trailblazer, we are now at the front of the queue as other social networks build out their advertising solutions. For our clients, this means they are first to market with new innovative social advertising solutions across publishers before their competitors have even heard of them.

Flexible Support

While social advertising is still in its infancy, we realise different businesses are at different stages of in-house social advertising expertise. The good news is that as one of only a handful of companies to be an early strategic advertising development partner for both Facebook and Twitter we have some of the foremost social advertising experts in our global team. That’s why we offer a flexible support structure across four tiers. Whether you want to harness the power of the Glow Machine as a SaaS platform, build an in-house team around the Glow Machine or have fully-managed support from our expert team we have the right support-level to fit your needs. Read more on our different options below.

Our Solutions



As an in-house advertiser that wants to take advantage of the Glow Machine our licensed solution offers you the complete package save time and and improve financial performance from social advertising. With bespoke training schedules and follow-the-sun technical support your team around the world will be equipped with all the knowledge they need to take advantage of the Glow Machine’s powerful features. Through our Glow University content they will also receive best practices for campaign creation, optimisation and strategy.



In-House Support

As an advertiser who wants leverage the power of the Glow Machine and build in-house expertise our hybrid package is the perfect solution. As an early innovator in the social advertising space we have some of the foremost industry experts in our team. Combine this with our industry leading platform, and you have all the ingredients to build a successful in-house team. We will manage campaigns for you in the short-term while we train your team on how to build successful campaigns and use the Glow Machine.



Fully-Managed Support

If you want to outsource your social ad management campaigns using the industry’s most powerful technology, then we can also support you. With some of the foremost social advertising experts in our team we have built, managed and optimised social advertising campaigns for some of the worlds largest brands. Within this package we will build campaign strategies, creative, campaigns and execution for you. Providing bespoke reports to ensure you understand what we are doing and what the results are.