The Glow Machine is a next generation social advertising platform which helps advertisers BUILD, MANAGE and OPTIMIZE their Facebook and Twitter ad campaigns at scale. Developed in conjunction with Facebook, Twitter and some of the largest and most sophisticated social ad agencies in the world, the Glow Machine gives greater control over how, where and when ads are displayed to the target audience.

Ad Creation

Deploy campaigns instantly based on a simple drag and drop builder. Create multiple ad formats simultaneously and structure multivariate ad testing.


Fully or semi-automated optimisation – deliver campaigns to any tracked goal. Easily test & refine segments & creative. Remove the heavy lifting with customised bid rules.


Maximize engagement with users in the News feed, compare organic & paid distribution, and identify and reward your most engaged users.


Ultimate insight flexibility: View data at a granular or summary level, in tabular or dashboard format, or export automatically using the Glow API.



Website Custom Audiences Builder

Empowers advertisers to take full advantage of the product. Managing simple or complex rules is easy and intuitive, and all rules can be saved for later.

Unpublished Page Post Ads at Scale + API Integration

Special feature allowing advertisers to create variations of Unpublished Page Post Ads at scale

Simple drag and drop ad creation process

Simplifies ad building and allows you to create multiple ad formats and placements simultaneously.

Integration with DoubleClick, Google Analytics & AppNexus

Seamless integration with your preferred tracking and ad serving partners delivers deeper reporting complexity and conversion de-duping.

Integration with HasOffers, AppsFlyer, Ad-X, Kontagent, Ad-Even, Kochava

Integrate key conversion data in the Glow Machine to post-back to in the Measurement Dashboard.

Day parting

Run time-sensitive campaigns and decrease wastage — perfect for sale creative or timed offers. Also set different bid rules at different times to maximise expore during high value periods.

Bid Drop

Glow Machine will automatically find the lowest possible bid and retain performance.

Bulk campaign uploads and editing

Glow offers a 2-way Excel sync to allow easy bulk creation and editing. From one Excel submission you can build into multiple Facebook accounts.

Auto-optimization & Custom Rule Builder

Enables you to create custom rules that trigger an automated strategy, such as: increasing or decreasing a bid, running creative testing or automatically duplicating ads.

Page Post Booster

Compare organic vs paid distribution of page posts, creates and schedules Page Post Ads automatically from best performing organic posts.

Bulk creation of custom audiences

Build custom audiences at scale using Excel bulk import.


Choose from predefined Clusters – suggestions of popular user Likes & Interests to further increase reach and more accurate targeting.

Our Solutions


Self Serve (Saas)

This licensed solution offers a complete package that allows users to save time and money. It provides fast and simple bulk-ad creation, multi-variant testing, and automated bid and budget optimization. Users can access Glow Machine’s robust analytics that allow them to review campaigns at both granular and summary levels, as well as set up and manage budgets and KPI’s for multiple brands and/or projects.



Managed Service

The Managed Service provides our clients with one to one account management. Our experienced, professional and multilingual account management team are experts at Facebook advertising strategy and execution. We handle clients’ Facebook advertising needs from start to finish, working with an existing creative library or producing in-house bespoke creative. A frequent reporting cycle ensures high levels of communication to ensure objectives and KPIs are fully met.




Work with us and we can help design and deliver a Facebook advertising strategy for your clients. We partner with ad agencies, holding companies, ad networks, page management firms, and gaming analytics companies, to help bring a Facebook advertising solution to their clients. We offer a wide range of solutions, including full integration with Glow’s API. For fully managed buys, we can offer a complete solution implemented by a dedicated account management team.